Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pass the Pepto please

I've got the strangest feeling in the pit of my stomach right now. And it's not a good feeling.

The emotional roller coaster, a.k.a. Where In The World Is LeBron James Going To Wind Up?, has my intestinal region tied up in knots. The immediacy of the Internet and television has been a major contributor to that feeling.

One minute it looks as though Lebron is headed for Miami because Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have signed a pact to play there together for the Heat. And why wouldn't LeBron want to join those two and because he so badly wants to conquer the NBA.

Superstar status achieved. Getting to the NBA finals achieved. Best regular-season record in the NBA two seasons running -- achieved. A championship ring on the finger? Ooops. Wade and Bosh certainly can help LeBron hurdle that last obstacle.

No. Wait. Hold on. It might not be Miami.

Now comes the news that Carlos Boozer signs with the Chicago Bulls. Adding LeBron to that lineup elevates the Bulls to championship contender territory. It's certainly enough to make him think twice about Miami.

And now we learn the big announcement will be made tomorrow night on national television in Greenwich, Conn., located a stone's throw from the backyard of the New York Knicks.

First, it's Miami. Then it's Chicago. And now here comes New York. What about Cleveland? The big money is betting against Cleveland. No one seems to know for certain.

As it turns out, this whole charade is about only one thing. LeBron James, LeBron James, Lebron James. It appears as though his enormous success has spoiled him to the point where he has taken ego to a level so stratospheric, he has morphed into someone northeast Ohioans don't know any more.

Want some good insight? Read Yahoo! Sports columnist Adrian Wojnarowski's latest piece entitled "State of LeBron: Live at 9 from his ego." In part, he writes:

"Everyone ridicules Cleveland, makes it a butt of jokes, but LeBron James has the chance to change all of that. And even then, it has to crush Cleveland’s sporting psyche that James could still walk out. If one of our own won’t stay, what does that say to the rest of the country?

"That’s the hardest part here, and that makes the possibility that James would go on national television – with those split-screen shots of stunned fans in Akron and Cleveland – and completely crush those people so impossible to believe. He couldn’t be that cold, that callous, that cunning? Or perhaps, maybe this is all a rollout – the (reconstructed) Web site, the Twitter page and the infomercial – to introduce a new LeBron, a new city, to the world."

Thus, the most surprising statement LeBron can make tomorrow night is to say he will remain in Cleveland. I'd be shocked if he said otherwise and I don't shock easily.

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