Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Arm-twisting time

LeBron James is known arguably as the most talented player in the National Basketball Association. He has reached a point in his life -- on the court as well as off the court -- where he calls his own shots.

That was more than evident with the manner in which he orchestrated the parade of teams into Cleveland last weekend as the LeBron ego-massaging cavalcade unfolded. He was a master at conducting his once-in-a-lifetime concert in the key of L.

But now that a decision has to be made, the Cavaliers superstar has to rely more than ever on his reputation as a mover and shaker as he charts his immediate future. And right now, it appears he has every intention of remaining with the Cavs.

That's because, if the rumors are to be believed, he is engaging in some serious arm twisting with fellow free agent Chris Bosh in an effort to team with the former Toronto Raptors power forward in a Cleveland uniform.

LeBron evidently sees Bosh as his Scottie Pippen, the key ingredient to the success of Michael Jordan all those years in Chicago. Bosh is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing in Cleveland the last few years as LeBron desperately seeks to place a championship ring on his finger.

The Raptors have indicated to the Cavaliers that they would be open to a sign-and-trade deal involving Bosh. So far, so good. Bosh has indicated he would love to play with LeBron. Just not in Cleveland. And that's where the Cleveland superstar's powers of persuasion will be put to the test.

Bosh has had enough of the cold winters in Toronto. If he is to land where the snow flies during that time of the year, he'd much rather be in Chicago, thank you very much. Otherwise, Miami is the preferred stop.

Only problem is the Raptors have no intention of going the sign-and-trade route with those clubs, figuring they can extract more talent from the Cavaliers than either the Bulls or Heat. That's the only way Bosh can extract a max contract out of the deal.

So it is incumbent on LeBron to grab hold of Bosh's lanky arms, sit him down and sell him on Cleveland. It won't be easy, but if anyone can do it, he can. It has become an imperative.

The thought of those two on the floor together, along with what would be a solid complementary lineup and bench, conjures up thoughts Cleveland sports fans have been longing for all these years.

It's now up to LeBron to make it happen.

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