Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Decision time

It's time for LeBron James to say what he means and mean what he says.

The Cavaliers' superstar says he's all about winning. Its not the money, he says. It's about winning.

If that's the case, then ether is no question he will forsake his beloved northeast Ohio and sign his next contract with the Miami Heat.

Can there be any other way, especially since Chris Bosh has decided to join Dwyane Wade down in South Beach? Place LeBron on that team and the Heat automatically becomes the favorite to win not just the Eastern Conference title,, but the whole thing.

It might even persuade Pat Riley to come out of coaching retirement and lead the team.

LeBron says he is all about winning. Remaining with the Cavaliers is no guarantee he would achieve his goal. With no cap space, the Cavs are marching in mud, sinking in quicksand.

And LeBron is smart enough to see that. So if he's willing to take far less money to join Wade and Bosh down in Florida, which has no state income tax by the way, he is Miami bound.

But if he truly means what he says about his home area and his heart strings have formed a permanent attachment to the Akron-Cleveland area, he stays. And if he stays, it will be with the full knowledge that winning a championship might be be in sharp focus as it would be if he were to join Wade and Bosh.

Tomorrow night, LeBron is going on national television to make the big announcement while northeast Ohio holds its breath. Right now, it's 50-50 at best that he remains with the Cavs. Would not have said that as recently as 24 hours ago.

If Miami wins out, kiss quality basketball in Cleveland goodbye.

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