Saturday, January 12, 2019

No idea why

Well . . .

Is he? Or isn’t he?

Is Freddie Kitchens the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns?

Why am I asking? Because we (Browns Nation and I) have not heard a peep out of Berea indicating that is the correct answer.

Freddie Kitchens is the new head coach of the Browns. The Internet says so; the Cleveland media says so. So it must be true.

Just about everywhere in the social media world says so. To be named, will be named, hired. That’s all we have been hearing the last few days. All unofficial.

Nada from Berea.

You’re not going to get it from 76 Lou Groza Blvd. That the club has not denied it is a step in the right direction, though. So why has it dropped the Cone of Silence around the complex?

I have no idea.

Other National Football League teams filling vacancies have trotted out their guys within days of revealing their choices. Sometimes the same day. Exposed them to the dreaded media horde.

Kliff Kingsbury in Arizona, Vic Fangio in Denver, Matt LaFleur in Green Bay and Bruce Arians down in Tampa have already been introduced to their respective local media.

Why not Kitchens in Cleveland? I have no idea.

The best – and clearly most loyal – fan base in the NFL is on tenterhooks, anxiously waiting to meet the new boss. Yes, that means Freddie Kitchens, the miracle worker who helped save the 2018 season.

Or does it? Four days after the news leaked and we still don’t know for certain. The silence is deafening and puzzling.

The decision to elevate Kitchens from offensive coordinator so meteorically in what has to be considered an upset of sorts is a great story. Fans want to hear it.

The public relations arm of the Browns must feel as though it is operating with a straitjacket on. So much news to dispense and the starting gate is locked.

What seems to be holding everything up? Dotting all the eyes and crossing all the tees perhaps? Gotta be more than that.

Putting together a coaching staff, most notably the coordinators? Yeah, that might be it.

The fans don’t want to hear from the coordinators now. They want to hear from the new head coach.

The four franchises mentioned above put their new head coaches on stage by themselves, as it should be with such an important decision.

Why not Cleveland? I have no idea. Anyway, we’ll hear from the coordinators later.

So when are the Browns finally going to admit Kitchens is the man and parade him in front of the media? Probably not until at least Monday.

It definitely won’t happen this weekend, not with the playoffs hogging the league spotlight with four quarterfinal playoff games.

No, the Kitchens coming-out party will have to wait for at least 48 more hours.

You’ve waited this long, Browns Nation. Why not just a little longer?

I have no idea.

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