Friday, March 9, 2018

Kizer departure addition by subtraction

John Dorsey ended a busy day Friday by reportedly shipping quarterback DeShone Kizer, whose National Football League debut provided a historical season for the Browns, to the Green Bay Packers for young cornerback Damarious Randall.

As if dealing three drafts picks for quarterback Tyrod Taylor and wide receiver Jarvis Landry wasn’t enough, the Cleveland general manager completed the trifecta shortly before exiting the merry-go-around.

In obtaining Taylor from the Buffalo Bills earlier in the day, it almost meant the departure of Kizer, whose presence in Cleveland would have created an overcrowded quarterbacks room.

The move for Kizer, who now backs up future Pro Football Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, is probably best for the former Notre Dame quarterback, whose record as a starter in the NFL is 0-15.

His historic performance last season is best forgotten and his new destination should more than help his state of mind. Joining a winning organization such as the Packers should be a positive.

Randall was a starter for three seasons with the Packers, recording 10 interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns. Like Landry, he is a young veteran who will provide much needed help at a position of weakness on defense.

Dorsey is now a solid three-for-three with his latest moves, having helped the Browns on both sides of the football. One can only imagine now how many more this-just-in surprises he has in store for the fans.


  1. What Will Dorsey Do About Kessler And Hogan?

    1. Doesn't matter, we now have another .500 level QB who plays halfback most of the time and has no vertical game. Boy, is this exciting!

    2. I'll be surprised, Harry, if either is on the roster next season. And don't pay attention to Bill. He forgot to take his angry pills.

  2. Gracious comments about the exit of Kizer are right on the money, Rich. His treatment here was a textbook example of how not to develop a raw QB.

  3. Hue Jackson Is Not The Quarterback Whisperer. Kizer Is Fortunate That He Is Still Very Early In His Career. Playing Behind Aaron Rodgers Will Give Him A Chance To See How A Top Quarterback Operates.