Saturday, February 3, 2018

Cousins not in Browns' future

For those of you who harbor the notion Kirk Cousins will be the Browns’ next quarterback, time to move on.

Cousins will make a lot of money in the free-agent market this year, but none of that money will emerge from the pocket of Jimmy Haslam III no matter how much he offers.

Why in the world would the hottest quarterback in the free-agent market even think about signing with the Browns? To play for the not-even-arguably worst head coach in the history of the National Football League? He would have to be fitted for a straitjacket if those thoughts coursed through his mind.  

The Browns, rebuffed in their efforts to deal for Kansas City’s Alex Smith, undoubtedly have set their sights on Cousins. But it would be stunning if he ends up in the Seal Brown and Orange.

Money is usually the great dictator in decisions such as this, but in this case, Cousins is going to see tens and more likely well over $100 million from suitors other than the Browns.

Money like that, especially from teams far better than the Brown from a potential and talent standpoint, far outweighs whatever number General Manager John Dorsey, through Haslam, throws at him.

Why sign with a team just now reaching for its bootstrap in an effort to yank itself out of the dunghill, and one that can offer the most money, when he can sign elsewhere with a more promising team for boatloads of dollars, anyway?

Cousins will make a ton of money in the process as no fewer than four teams will throw outrageous amounts of wealth in his path. He most likely will wind up with a franchise that has a legitimate shot to play more than 16 regular-season games.

He is in the unique position of choosing where his future lies. Cleveland might be on his radar out of courtesy and he probably will go through the motions of entertaining their offer. But don’t read anything into that.

“At the end of the day,” Cousins told SiriusXM radio Friday, “I want to win.” That says it all. It also means either Denver. Minnesota or Arizona will emerge as the winner with the Broncos and Vikings the favorites.

If it’s the Vikings, the Browns have a shot at the Minnesota spoils, which means Case Keenum, Sam Bradford or Teddy Bridgewater might wind up in Cleveland as the mentor to whomever Dorsey selects in the college draft.

The Browns naturally will go through the motions of extending their offer to Cousins unless, of course, his agent tells the Browns not to bother. That offer likely will be outrageous for a quarterback who will turn 30 in training camp and sports a record of 28-33-1 as a starter.

Hampering Dorsey’s efforts to recruit Cousins is his head coach. If he was anyone other than Hue Jackson in that position, then maybe the argument could be made that the table has been wiped clean from top to bottom and the losing culture that has gripped this franchise for nearly two decades is in the throes of disappearing.

As long as Jackson remains in the picture, the Browns' ability to lure free agents is hindered by his mere presence. That 1-31 record the last two seasons hangs like a 100-pound anvil around his neck.


  1. Looks like Browns have to improve with only draft picks and second rate FAs.

  2. I think Hue Jackson will be good in his "new" role. We need to get the top quarterback in the draft and build around him.

    1. His role may be "new", but he's not. Jackson's ego and arrogance will drag him and the team down once again. He has no loyalty to anyone and is willing to throw anybody under the bus to save his own skin. The players play out of pride while at the same time wondering how this clown ever kept his job. If he's popular in the locker room, its probably because he passes out Girl Scout cookies at halftime.

    2. Hi Steve,

      Welcome aboard.

      If Jackson's new role is head coach and head coach only, how well he does remains to be seen.

      As for drafting the top quarterback, we won't know until at least year two how much of an impact he can make on the offense. Jackson might be gone by then.

      If the Browns are smart, that quarterback will watch for at least one season before he becomes the starter.

  3. The Browns Have Done A Major Upgrade In The Front Office And At Offensive Coordinator. Unfortunately, This Head Coach Will Submarine Any Expected And Hoped For Upgrade On The Field. I Hope Coach Jackson Proves Me Wrong.