Thursday, December 7, 2017

Premature media criticism of Brown's dismissal

The pro football media world’s reaction to Jimmy Haslam III’s latest front-office move has drawn surprising rebukes on social media.

Surprising in that there are more than a few out there on the National Football League media landscape who actually believe Sashi Brown was doing a good job and was screwed by his owner when removed as executive vice president/football operations Thursday.

The headline on the USA Today Web site screams: The NFL world rips Browns owner Jimmy Haslam after he fires another GM. The Twitterverse exploded with condemnation for Haslam’s latest move. Here are some examples.

“Unreal. Sashi Brown has killed the last 2 drafts and has set them up for a huge haul this year. Jimmy Haslam is the worst owner in all of sports right now.” Ryan McCrystal, Bleacher Report

“Really though Ted Stepien was the worst it could get from an owner. Haslam giving everyone beers to hold on that front.” Jeff Risdon, Real GM

“Jimmy Haslam is the WORST. The Browns think they’re gonna get a GM worth his salt who has to come in with a coach already in place? Gimme a break. Feel terrible for Browns fans.” Nick Kostos, CBS Sports

“Officially done with Jimmy Haslam. That idiot needs to sell the team and get far away from it as possible. Team rebuilding and he ruins it.” Jonathan Kinsley, Brick Wall Blitz

“Jimmy Haslam is easily one of the worst owners in North American sports. Probably bottom five.” Patrick Daugherty, Rotoworld/NBC Sports

“NFC GM on the Browns: ‘This level of ineptitude is historic. It all traces to Jimmy Haslam.’ “ Mike Freeman, Bleacher Report columnist

“Haslam signs up for a long-term plan. And less than 2 years into said plan, fired the guy who is doing a good job executing the plan. Oh Jimmy.” Chris Fedor,

“At some point, the Browns are going to hire a GM who lasts longer than 35 minutes.” Peter King, MMQB

Here’s one more King: “Moral of the story: Better get the quarterback right.”

Here is what I don’t understand. Those critics seem to be backing someone who is responsible for a 1-27 record the last two seasons and I’m not talking about Hue Jackson.

I don’t fault the coach. The makeup of the 53-man roster is not his job, There is not enough talent on that roster to warrant winning football games.

The coach and de facto general manager were reportedly not talking. The left hand had no idea, it appears, what the right hand was doing. It is ineptitude and dysfunction rolled up in a big ball careening uncontrollably downhill.

Winning only once in the last 28 games is not just a sign; it is as blaring siren that, hey, something is terribly wrong with the professional football team in Cleveland, Ohio. And it shows no signs of getting better.

Continuing on this slow-motion course might have turned into winning football by the year 2020. But the misery experienced by the fans until then would be unfair to that fan base.

We live in a bottom-line world. And the bottom line for the Browns in recent seasons is ample proof something had to be done. Haslam’s only mistake in this whole scenario was promoting Brown to begin with.

The Harvard lawyer had no background or experience in player personnel on any level of football. And it showed.

Bottom line: 1 and 27. Brown was in way over his head and had to go before the situation became toxic.

Maybe the hiring of John Dorsey as general manager late Thursday will change the minds of some of those in the media who knee-jerked prematurely.

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