Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never cross the boss

Never let it be said Hue Jackson allows a potential bad situation to careen out of control.

Less than 24 hours after learning he was going to lose prize rookie defensive end Myles Garrett for as many as six weeks with a high ankle sprain, the Browns' head coach was confronted with another problem, this one minor by comparison.

Free safety Calvin Pryor and wide receiver Ricardo Louis got into a scuffle prior to practice Thursday, the details of which were not gleaned. Jackson reportedly told the two to cease hostilities immediately. Louis did. Pryor did not.

Jackson acted promptly and ordered Pryor off the field. The next thing anyone knew, he was released. The coach labeled what transpired an internal matter. “Things happen,” Jackson told the media. “We move on.”

Louis, who was not cut, was a good soldier and did not comment on the incident, preferring to keep it internal. “Once things happen within the family, we keep it in the family,” he said. “I love my teammates. We’re a brotherhood. When things happen, we’re still together.”

Offensive tackle Joe Thomas said he did not see what happened, but offered his thoughts on what took place, “When the boss tells you to do something, you need to listen,” he told “If you don’t, there are consequences.”

With the season opener mere days away, Jackson acted quickly to make certain everyone knew who was in charge “We grow from this,” he said. “It’s happening now and glad it is happening early in the year so we can move on from it and grow from it and become stronger as a football team.”

Pryor, a four-year veteran who backed up rookie Jabrill Peppers at free safety, was acquired in an early June trade with the New York Jets that saw inside linebacker Demario Davis head back to New York. And just like that . . . he’s gone.

Just another chaotic day at the office in Berea. Same old, same old.


  1. You just had to add the last line didn't you? What a putz!!!

  2. Hu Unk,

    Yep. Couldn't help my snarky self. Is there anything about that line that is untruthful?

    Next time, pls identify yourself.