Sunday, August 23, 2015

Motormouth Part II

Dwayne Bowe and his mouth returned to the practice field for the Browns over the weekend and the veteran wide receiver was in top form. With his mouth, that is.

After watching (literally because of hamstring problems) the Browns’ offense in the first exhibition two games, Bowe has come to one solid doozy of a conclusion. Watch out for the Cleveland offense this season.

“I’m very, very confident,” Bowe told reporters. “We have a talented core, our group. All it takes is time. We’ll let the doubters doubt. When we get on the field and work, we know what we’ve got as a team.

“When week one comes around, we’re going to show a lot of doubters how a high-powered offense really moves.”

Somehow, high-powered and Cleveland offense do not belong in the same sentence, let alone the same paragraph. It definitely qualifies as an oxymoron. Bowe, who probably looks good sartorially wearing his rose-colored glasses, doesn’t seem to realize this.

That wonderful (starting) offense to which he refers has been on the field for exactly four series in the first two exhibition games and scored a whopping 10 points. Josh McCown, Bowe’s wonderful quarterback, is 12-of-15 for 121 yards in those series.

It can be argued that only one of McCown’s passes has hit the ground. But you’ll lose that argument when you realize two throws wound up in the arms of rookie Buffalo cornerback Ronald Darby in last Thursday night’s loss to the Bills in Cleveland.

Those picks? Hey, that’s what exhibition games are for, Bowe rationalized. “Trying to find new openings, new plays, new schemes to work on,” he said. “That’s what our staff is doing, trying to see what works and what doesn’t work.” Oh.

“I think when the (regular) seasons comes around, (McCown) will pick his poison,” he pointed out. “He’ll know where to throw it and where not to throw it. I’m very confident he’ll make the best decision.”

I’m really not certain what offense Bowe is talking about or how it will do all those wonderful things once the games become meaningful. Oh wait. Of course.

The offense to which he refers hasn’t played even one game. That’s because he hasn’t suited up and been able to dazzle us with his incredible talent. Can’t catch football when you’re in street clothes.

Now that he is just about ready to share his talent with the fans, the mouth springs back into action and supreme confidence tumbles out. “It’s just being confident,” he said, “knowing what I can do and knowing how good I feel right now.

“At this position, all you need is to be mentally available and I was there the whole time. I think the skill set will take over after that. I’m pretty talented.” Not to mention modest.

And now that he is finally healthy enough to suit up, Bowe soon will discover he is playing pitch and catch with a quarterback who throws as many interceptions as he does touchdown passes. He now gets his chance to show Browns fans just how talented he is.

Can’t wait.


  1. Ya, Bowe needs to shut the hell up. He's really making a fool of himself.

    1. What's everybody so worried about? The guy's listed on the depth chart as a third string receiver. I'm surprised anybody listens to anything he says.

  2. And yet they do. A head scratcher. By now, the media should have figured him out.

    BTW, pay no attention to the depth chart in training camp. Meaningless.