Sunday, May 31, 2015

Statistically speaking

Having fun with the Browns’ roster . . .

It currently consists of 90 men and right now has a small degree of fluidity. Some pieces and parts, usually those who are nothing more than training camp fodder, are released occasionally and replaced by others who eventually will become pieces and parts who will be released.

When training camp begins in late July or early August, the degree of roster fluidity will intensify as the coaching staff begins to seriously break down how it wants that roster to look by the start of the regular season.

The breakdown right now: 43 men on offense, 43 men on defense and the remaining four are special teamers (two placekickers, a punter and a long snapper).

Further breakdown:  The offense has four quarterbacks, seven running backs, 11 wide receivers, six tight ends and 15 offensive linemen; the defense has 13 linemen, 12 linebackers and 18 defensive backs.

That’s a rather large preponderance of players in the secondary, which probably will lead the team in roster cuts with no more than 10 eventually surviving. Next hardest hit most likely will be the offensive and defensive lines with nine making the cut on offense and seven, maybe eight on defense.

With the team offensive philosophy skewing heavily toward the running game, it wouldn’t be surprising if all but two of the seven running backs stick and five of the 11 wide receivers are trimmed.

Sixty-one will survive entering the regular season in September – 53 on the regular team and eight more on the practice squad, which means 29 names currently on the roster will disappear before the Sept. 12 season opener in New Jersey against the New York Jets.

Of the 90 men on the roster, 24 are rookies. That’s 26.7%. Eleven more have one year’s experience, 14 have two years, 10 have logged three years and 11 more have four years.

So of the 90, 70 have no more than four years’ experience in the National Football League. That’s a whopping 77.7%. In other words, three of every four members on the team is relatively inexperienced.

The average age of this team is 25.5 years, which has to put it near the top of the list of youngest NFL teams.

On the low end of the age range is rookie running back Duke Johnson, who won’t be 22 until the third game of the regular season. On the opposite end, we find (surprise!!) quarterback Josh McCown, who will be 36 on the Fourth of July.

The other graybeards are linebacker Karlos Dansby (33), defensive back Tramon Williams (32), defensive lineman Randy Starks (31), and offensive tackle Joe Thomas, guard John Greco and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, all 30.

The tallest Brown? Tie at 6-6 with Thomas, fellow offensive lineman Andrew McDonald, tight end Gary Barnidge and defensive lineman Desmond Bryant. The Smurf award goes to wide receiver Andrew Hawkins at 5-7.

Who is the beefiest? Rookie nose tackle Danny Shelton at 339 pounds. Wideout Taylor Gabriel is at the other end of the scale at 167 pounds. He's sort of a half Shelton. 

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