Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tortoise time for NFL draft

Five more weeks until the National Football League college draft?


Can time pass any more slowly?

We still have five more weeks to hash and rehash and hash again all the possibilities on what the Browns will do with their 10 selections.

Five more weeks of throwing names out there in an attempt to see just how much this team is going to change in 2014.

Five more weeks of rampant speculation on what we’ve got to look forward to as the new season with the new coach and new general manager and new attitude approaches.

Why does it seem as though the draft should be next week? How much more of this pre-draft nonsense can we take?

How many more mock drafts do we have to endure before this is all over? Pretty soon, we’ll have to start mocking the mocks. Let’s get it over already.

Enough of these private quarterback workouts where all you have to do is fill in the blank when it comes to who is saying what and who is saying all the right things.

“They worked me hard,” said (fill in the blank). “They threw things at me I hadn’t seen before. But I was ready. I’m confident everything will work out for the best.”

“No matter that they asked me to do,” said (fill in the blank) after his private workout, “ I was prepared. I felt good. I think they liked me. I have no idea what their plans are, but I think playing in Cleveland would be great.”

(Fill in the blank) was next and said he couldn’t wait for the draft and was confident the Browns would take him. “”This is exciting,” he said. “This is something I’ve dreamed of doing my whole life. And now, it’s here. I think they like what I can offer.”

On and on and on it goes as the process unwinds at a maddeningly slow pace. The only saving grace is that the baseball season has begun and there is finally something to take our minds off the draft.

Maybe that’ll speed up the pace. Maybe that’ll be the necessary distraction to take our minds off the Browns. At least on a temporary basis.

Maybe with only a couple of weeks left before the draft unfolds will the interest ramp up again. Especially if the Indians get off to a hot start and offer a pleasant distraction. The Cavaliers certainly aren’t helping.

But if the Indians begin to struggle, that whole dynamic can change. At that point, it might be enough to at least think about petitioning NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to move the draft date up.

In the meantime, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

So who do the Browns take with the fourth pick?


  1. "The Cavaliers certainly aren’t helping."

    Then you haven't been paying attention.

  2. Hi Strummer,

    Not paying attention? Oh yes I have. Granted the Cavs have been playing better lately and now Kyrie is back. But they still won't make the playoffs. Right now, my guess is more people are talking and thinking about the Indians than the Cavaliers.

  3. Cavs? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Tribe? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    ONLY FIVE WEEKS LEFT, LET'S TALK DRAFT, BABY! Come on Rich, don't be coy - you know you want to tell us who the Browns should take with their second fourth round pick - the defensive back who turns his hips the quickest! Let the speculation begin!! :)


  4. Not only does he turn his hips the quickest, he makes a mean corned beef hash. And he does it in full uniform with his hips flying! Now that takes talent. His versatility amazes the scouts.

    BTW, what was his name?

  5. On a side note: It would appear the Plain Dealer has decided to go the way of a gossip rag with Tom Reed's trash story of the "Tweet War" and dust-up between Gordon and Irving. My God, is that the best the Cleveland sports media can do? I thought Mary Kay was lame but this takes the proverbial cake. Any thoughts?

  6. The fact it exists makes it a story. Two high profile athletes arguing in public is not an every-day occurrence. If you are a sports editor, running that story is a no-brainer. You do not ignore it. Eventually, it will go away. So sit back and do one of two things: Enjoy it or ignore it. I have a feeling this one is going to linger a little while longer.

    1. A story? Evidently in Cleveland. My idea of a sports story is wins/losses, standings, player movement, free agency, draft, anything related to the actual playing of a sport. Its sad when two primadonnas having a tweet war becomes "news". But then again, it is Cleveland.

  7. And, by the way, the story first appeared in the Akron Beacon Journal. The PeeDee picked it up and credited the ABJ.