Thursday, March 13, 2014

Addition by subtraction

The fact the Browns released Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell does not come as a shock to most of Browns Nation.

It was an inevitability that was bound to happen after last season’s disaster. Campbell is a journeyman quarterback to begin with and Weeden is on the precipice of becoming one, too.

You can blame their releases on their abysmal failure to elevate the Browns to even mediocre status last season. They didn’t even come close, although both contributed mightily to the success Josh Gordon enjoyed.

Campbell was brought in as insurance if something went wrong at the position. That he was bypassed in favor of Brian Hoyer following an injury to Weeden in game two should have been the first clue he wasn’t going to be with the team in 2014.

Weeden was doomed by his inability to play well on a consistent basis. The former first-round draft pick never lived up to his advance billing. He brought a strong arm and not much else to the position.

They will not be missed.
*     *     *
The pursuit of Matt Schaub, if we are to believe the rumors floating about, is intriguing in that the Houston Texans still have him under contract and are playing hardball with any team that desires his services.

If they deal Schaub, that leaves them with only T. J. Yates at quarterback and virtually assures they will select a quarterback with the first pick of the college draft May 8.

Schaub, who will be 33 in June, would not be a bad get for the Browns if the Texans lessen their demands. He’s big (6-5, 235 pounds) and has a big arm. He’d fit nicely into the offense of Kyle Shanahan, his offensive coordinator for a few years in Houston.

There’s still plenty of time for the Texans to decide on what to do with Schaub. The longer it goes, the more likely he will be dealt and the Browns very well could wind up as the beneficiaries.
*     *     *
News item: The Browns have signed tight end Jim Dray to a three-year contract. Pardon me if my excitement over that move lasts a nanosecond. If that. Dray is being brought in strictly as a blocker.

If he reaches double digits in receptions, it’ll be a major surprise, although he did catch 26 passes with Arizona last season. He had only seven receptions in three seasons before that. He’s with the Browns for one reason and one reason only.
*     *     *
As it turns out, it looks as though the Cincinnati Bengals probably won’t match the Browns’ offer sheet to wide receiver Andrew Hawkins.


Even though the National Football League outlawed them, it appears as though the Browns slipped a small poison pill into the offer in the form of $10.8 million payout in the first two years of the four-year, $13.6 million deal.

There is no way the Bengals are going to pay that kind of money to a part-time player.

Maybe they’ll change their minds.

Wishful thinking.

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