Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And the beat goes on

Is Ben McAdoo lucky number seven?

Or is he just another name thrown against the proverbial wall in hopes it will stick?

In their slow-moving search for a new head coach, the Browns, who have had six head coaches in 15 seasons, are venturing further and further into unknown territory.

McAdoo, for the unwashed, has been the quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers the past two seasons. Before that, he was the tight ends coach.

OK, time to fess up. Anyone ever hear about McAdoo before his name was leaked to the media with regard to his coaching future? Anyone?

Of course not. He was just another assistant coach laboring in relative anonymity before being thrust into the spotlight by the Browns’ eagerness to interview him.

And now, he officially becomes the eighth potential candidate competing for the privilege of replacing Rob Chudzinski as Cleveland’s seventh head coach. Lucky No. 7?

In front of him, and in no particular order, are Josh McDaniels, Bob Stoops, James Franklin, Gus Malzahn, Dan Quinn, Adam Gase and Todd Bowles. McDaniels, Quinn and Bowles have been interviewed.

Heading into foreign territory is nothing new for Cleveland CEO Joe Banner. That’s how he landed Andy Reid in Philadelphia. Lightning obviously did not strike twice with the Chudzinski appointment a year ago.

But that certainly won’t stop him from searching every conceivable corner of the football universe in an effort to redeem himself to owner Jimmy Haslam III. Pulling a John Harbaugh or Mike Tomlin out of a hat doesn’t happen in Cleveland. He wants to change that.

Banner was embarrassed by the Chudzinski fiasco. He also is well aware of Cleveland’s reputation as a coaching graveyard. How can anyone come to any other conclusion after what has transpired the last 15 seasons.

No doubt he will work exhaustively to eliminate that reputation, hope his No. 1 choice wants to take the job if offered and then cross his fingers that he made a wise decision.

The last time the club nailed its top choice to be the head coach was back in 2009 when Eric Mangini arrived. Randy Lerner was the owner at the time and all but demanded Mangini be hired. History proved that move supremely unwise.

Banner has Haslam looking over his shoulder on this one. Hopefully, the owner will show restraint and allow his CEO to conduct the search with no interference.

We are now at nine days and counting with no apparent end in sight. ‘Tis better, though, to go slowly and get it right than rush for the wrong reasons and screw it up.

That’s why candidates like McAdoo pop up on the radar. Don’t be surprised if there are a few others like him before the final decision is made.


  1. I mean, come on now .... how can Cleveland select another head coach until the front office buffoons are cleard out??
    RB from Rochester

  2. Hi RB,

    Simple. They are getting a second chance. Blow this one and you just might get your wish. Haslam will not stand for two misses.

    If, however, they are still around should this new coach also bomb, then Haslam will have a lot of splainin to do.