Friday, March 22, 2013

Please pass the NoDoz

The less said – or in this case written – about it, the better.

The Browns have signed free agents Kellen Davis and Chris Owens to one-year contracts.

Don’t get too excited about these signings. In fact, don’t get excited at all. Both are underachievers.

Davis, 27, is a 6-7, 270-pound tight end who has trouble catching the football. And Owens, 26, is just another small cornerback.

Davis certainly is a big enough target, but you’d think that after five National Football League seasons, he would have more than 47 catches for 529 yards. He doesn’t seem to be the type of tight end who fits in a Norv Turner offense.

The Browns need size in the secondary, especially at cornerback. So they go out and sign the 5-9 Owens. Makes perfect sense.  This is the guy, by the way, who lost his job last season as Atlanta’s nickelback. What are the football guys in Berea thinking?

And they’re reportedly hot after Brent Grimes, another cornerback. He’s a whopping 5-10 and will be 30 years old in July. Oh, and he’s coming off Achilles’ tendon surgery.

When are the Browns, namely Joe Banner since he’s taking credit and blame for all things Browns these days, thinking? Doesn’t he realize wide receivers are bigger and faster these days? Why go after midgets?

Summing it all up: Davis, Owens and maybe Grimes. Big whoop. More like big yawn.


  1. I agree. It was saddening to see so many free agents (including a few very well connected with our coaches), go to teams for basement bargain prices when we have so much cap space. I guess after firing the coaching staff and replacing the front office I was expecting a much improved roster (even if just on paper). Who do we blame for this?

  2. Right now, Alex, Joe Banner is willing to accept all blame and credit for what the Browns are doing. He should be your largest target.

  3. The Ravens/Dumerville deal is making the Joe Banner/Kruger deal look like a bit of a knee jerk. I wonder how long it will take before the Cleveland media is all over that one. Should be interesting to hear how Banner answers those questions.

  4. Hi Bus,

    Banner most likely will not comment on what other teams do even though it's one of the teams in the Browns' division. And he shouldn't. He speaks for only his team.

    Some teams are smarter than others when it comes to personnel decisions. The Ravens have proven that over the years. So have the Steelers and, to some extent, the Bengals.

    The Browns, quite obviously, do not fit into that category. Banner, in my opinion, is not off to a good start. Let's see how that plays out during the 16 weeks of the regular season. There is a possibility his critics might be proved wrong.

    But I doubt it.