Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dealing with reality
Colt McCoy is either delusional or else he’s not paying attention.

The young Browns quarterback, who will be under center in the season opener against Philadelphia only if Brandon Weeden has a complete meltdown between now and then, still believes he has a chance to win the starting job,

He told Abilene (Texas) Reporter-News reporter Joey Richards that it’s a matter of finishing the job. “I’ve always been a guy that wants to finish what he starts,” he said.

He says all he wants – and forgive the notion that this might be belaboring the situation – is a chance to beat out Weeden. That is not going to happen. Not in training camp. Not in the exhibition games. And certainly not this season.

McCoy said it is “part of my nature” to fight for what he believes is rightfully his job. “You’re getting everything I have, whether it’s working, preparing, studying or practicing,” he told Richards at his youth football camp in Abilene recently.

Then in a moment of stark reality, he added, “Unfortunately, a lot of things are out of my control. The main thing for me is not to worry about those things I can’t control. I have to go in, do my job and have high character and compete my tail off if the opportunity is available.”

Therein lies the problem. It isn’t available. That opportunity no longer exists.

McCoy has nothing but nice things to say about the town in which he plies his trade. “I really like Cleveland,” he said. “I love the town. I love the fans. I think they truly deserve a winning football team.

“That’s what I want to do. I want to be there for the ride of turning that thing around. We’ll see what happens.”

If there is such a turnaround, it won’t be because of McCoy since he most likely will be a spectator on the sidelines with a clipboard in his hands.

He had his chance. It didn’t work out for any number of reasons. The only way he gets a second chance with the Browns – if they don’t either trade or release him – will be if Weeden disappoints.

That’s not likely to occur unless the rookie surrenders to the pressure that is certain to accompany him throughout the season. Unless the Browns’ brass seriously misjudged him, which is a remote possibility, Weeden will be the starter for many years to come.

It’s comforting that McCoy is buoyed by his confident nature. It won’t take long before he realizes – if he doesn’t realize it already – that Weeden exudes the same brand of confidence.

And that, plus the fact the Browns’ brass has bet heavily on him to succeed, should enough to jolt McCoy into realizing his future contributions to the Browns are limited at best.


  1. So Rich, basically your saying that the Browns are lying to Colt about his chance to start. An it seems like your belittling him for his honest feelings about Cleveland, the Browns and his chance to start. So tell me what do you think he should do or say? I give up, just trade me or I quite I'm taking my ball and going back to Texas? I've followed you for a long time Rich but I respect and like Colt's attitude, its a sight better than Wallace's.

  2. Hi Anon,

    Lying? That's a bit strong.

    I think the Browns have maneuvered themselves into a tenuous position by drafting Weeden and hanging McCoy out to dry. There is no way he's beating out the rookie for the job.

    Frankly, I don't think the brass does not know how to solve this problem. No one wants McCoy in a trade and the club doesn't want to waive him.

    What I believe will eventually happen is that some club toward the end of training camp will agree to send the Browns a future and very late-round conditional draft choice for McCoy.

    Right now, though, McCoy is playing play the good soldier and being patient. The Browns have put him and themselves in this delicate position. It's another case of stupid management. They didn't think this through.

    As for McCoy's attitude being better than Wallace's, right on. I'm hoping the Browns bring in a veteran to replace McCoy and sentence Wallace to third string. Better yet, I hope the club releases him.

    Next time, pls sign your name.

  3. Rich, You seem to be pretty sure of Weeden. But what if _________? I don`t have the warm and fuzzy feeling about Weeden that you seem to possess. I have never been a big McCoy fan but I`m liking the guy more and more for the way he is dealing with his situation.

    I`d rather see The Browns brainthrust (cough cough) dump Wallace. For my money Colt is the better backup....

  4. Weeden is as close to a lock to start the season under center. He will have growing pains, but Shurmur would be making a mistake if he benches the rookie.

    If he's going to be the so-called franchise quarterback, he has to play all the time. You can't learn in the NFL by watching from the bench. Especially if you're a 29-year-old (in October) rookie.

    That's why I'm more than pretty sure about Weeden. Besides, McCoy can't make the throws Weeden can. His arm is nowhere near as strong as Weeden's.

    One of the reasons McCoy is ineffective is because opposing defenses stack the line of scrimmage and dare him to throw because they know he can't make throws outside the hashes. Weeden will be able to.

    And I'm with ya on Wallace. I prefer to see him gone, although I don't think that will happen as long as Holmgren is around. If they cut him, I'll be somewhat surprised.