Monday, April 11, 2011

The blame game

Anyone surprised by the shenanigans unfolding on a daily basis regarding the lockout in the National Football League?

No surprise here. It’s a joke. And will continue to be a joke a lot longer than anyone wants. Especially the fans.

The silly and stupid charges being hurled by both sides in the matter is predictable. Comes with the territory. That’s just the way it is when two labor factions agree on only one thing – to disagree.

All over the country, fans are being asked on Web sites to finger the guilty party. Who’s to blame for the lockout? In most cases, they don’t care who’s responsible. They’re tired of this bullroar. They just want to see an end to all this nonsense.

Fact of the matter is both parties are responsible. Both sides are wrong. Both sides should be ashamed of themselves for hanging out to dry the most important people. You, the fans.

The billionaires and millionaires are fighting over the money that you, the fans, willingly shell out in order to watch the product they produce. They’re battling over how to split the proceeds you choose to part with on Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter.

And the irony in this entire matter is neither side cares what you think. All they care about is the bottom line, that line that fattens their wallets. That’s the sum and substance of what drives each side.

All they want is to get you to come and watch the product. They don’t care about your emotions. They say they do, but they really don’t.

In this bottom-line world of ours, the most beautiful sight to each side are stadiums with no empty seats. That means only one thing. And that should be very obvious by now.

Some day, they two sides will capitulate. They always do. And the fans will rejoice. A vast majority of them will forgive. They always do. And then, it’ll be same old, same old.

But until that day, a pox on both their houses.

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