Friday, January 7, 2011


There are times in a blogger's world where waiting has its rewards. This is not one of those times. In my last effort, the one right under this one, I wrote the following:

"It’s already having an effect on Jim Harbaugh’s future plans. Now that Luck has decided to come back and actually get his college degree – how novel is that? – before heading out to the pros, Harbaugh just might stay on as the Cardinal coach for one more season before he, too, heads out to the pay-for-play ranks."

Well . . . regarding that Harbaugh-just-might-stay-at-Stanford reference? Um . . . never mind.

The money offered by the San Francisco 49ers spoke a whole lot louder than the money from Stanford and now, Harbaugh has a new job title. Good for him. Good news for 49ers fans and good news for Buckeye Nation.

That's because Harbaugh is not going to the University of Michigan, where a lot of people believed he could turn around the Wolverines' football fortunes. We're all enjoying Ohio State's domination over Michigan in the Jim Tressel era way too much to see that change.

So for all the Michigan football fans, back to the drawing board.

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