Monday, June 14, 2010

So what else is new?

Let's see now. It mid-June, the Browns are in the midst of completing their off-season programs and getting ready for training camp next month.

And no one knows for certain who enters that camp as the starting quarterback. You know, the guy who most likely will open the season on Sept. 12 in Tampa Bay. The guy on whose shoulders rest the hopes and dreams of millions of fans.

That's because coach Eric Mangini, after all the OTAs and a minicamp, has declined to name a No. 1 quarterback. Not that there's a closeness in the competition. Hardly the case.

There's no question that Jake Delhomme will be the man against the Buccaneers when the regular season commences. He is clearly the No. 1 guy.

So why is Mangini being coy? That one's easy. Just another case of Eric Mangini being Eric Mangini, a Bill Belichick wannabe who loves to keep people guessing. Belichick gets off on stuff like that and Mangini, still worshipping at the throne of his former boss, hasn't outgrown it yet.

He did it last season, too. Remember the great mystery about who would start at QB when Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn waged that silly competition during exhibition season? Reps were split so evenly that neither man was ready for the regular season. And just about everyone knew Anderson would get the nod.

Mangini fancies himself as smarter than the average bear. He's not. And his arrogance will prove his downfall.

If he lasts half the 2010 season, he'll be lucky. When the Browns emerge from the bye week in early November, Mangini will be unemployed. And Rob Ryan will join brother Rex in the head coaching ranks. If he's half as good and half as brash as his twin, Rob can't help but have a bigger impact on the Browns than Mangini.

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